Latitud 13 Single Origin Coffee

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Latitud 13 Coffee is a social entrepreneurship recently established in Flagstaff, Arizona. A group of friends from Nicaragua came to the USA bringing their passion, knowledge, and coffee from their own farm based in Dipilto, located in the northern region of Nicaragua.

Their farm: Los Cipreses Farm is located 13 degrees north of the Equator (hence the name, Latitud 13) in the municipality of Dipito, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. the coffee farm was established in 1991, when Emilio was looking for an environmentally friendly and sustainable activity focused on shifting cattle pasture to an agroforestry system known as "Shade Grown Coffee". The farm has 110 acres in total, of which 50 acres are Arabica Coffee! The farm is full of native species - plants and animals alike!

2 Varieties:

Washed: Notes of dark chocolate, maple syrup and honey

Washed and Natural: Notes of flowers, fruit and herbs